We design for hustle.

And you know hustle.

Hustle means you grab your second cup of coffee before your competitor wakes up. Hustle gets you from team alignment to growth mode to incomparable customer engagement. We design for hustle, and we design with the energy of hustle—but we never hustle good design.

We simply deliver good design more efficiently than anyone thought possible. And your startup deserves no less than that.

Startnership empowers you with the professional advantage of good design, delivered with the efficient, relentless focus you know so well. Smart, actionable thinking fuels the most successful startups—and that’s what we offer our clients, too.

Experience the hands-on, trusted guidance of Startnership. In a focused, closed-door workshop, you’ll dive in alongside a purpose-built team assembled to address issues of strategy, branding, positioning, content, user experience—whatever it takes to help you get to the next stage. Invest in exactly what your team needs to get where you need to go.

Expect outcomes with impact and value, not dull documentation. Expect results, but don’t expect overages on the budget or timeline. We work on a predictable, fixed price, fixed time model so you’ll always be in control.

We value decisive leadership and in return offer guidance, feedback, and concrete outcomes.

You don’t have time to waste. Your customers are waiting.

Engage us to electrify your startup.

We offer three tiers of service, all with focused working sessions and concrete outcomes. We’ve eliminated the overhead and cruft that consumes creativity and eats up project budgets, so you know what to expect: efficient results, no matter the option you choose. Naming, editorial guidelines, branding, pitch decks, video, positioning... it’s up to you. Determine your needs and let’s talk.

Come for a two-day working session to establish your brand’s communication goals and focus your work—and attract seed and angel investors.

Engage in a five-day working session to let us expand on your brand through specific collateral and help you grow, pivot, or more.

Partner in a ten-day working session to create new tools that extend your brand and enable growth, expansion, pivoting, or Series A investment.

"I was extremely impressed with how ideas were collaboratively developed. The conversation was lively and well-stewarded. I hope more companies take advantage of the advanced, high-level skills and brainpower."

Jonathan D. Lovitz
Director of Communications, StartOut

"We turned intentions and ideas into actual brand-building items. This is so bold, we just had to do it. And in two days, we did it!"

Hanaan Rosenthal
Cofounder, Logobase

"Josh and his team helped us redesign our site, create standards, and author messaging guidelines that influenced all our materials. This helped us scale - and be named to the INC 5000 list for 3 years."

Geoff Roberts
Marketing Manager, Buildium

"Usually they say 'Good, fast, affordable: Pick two.' After working with Josh and his team on multiple startups, including DreamFund.com, it turns out that's no longer true. Pick three."

Peter J. Crosby

"When we started Tizra, we not only had the usual challenge of establishing a memorable brand, we also had to communicate the value of a unique product without analogs in its market. Startnership worked with us on the whole package: identity, website, collateral, and sales deck. They helped us land our first key customers and early investors. We're excited about working with them again on our next phase of growth."

Abe Dane
Cofounder, Tizra

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Startnership only works with clients and collaborators that best fit our business model and for whom we can create the most value.

Let’s talk and see how we can complement each other.

Reach Startnership at josh@startnership.com